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What is Email Marketing

An effective email marketing strategy is more than just a few images placed around a bunch of text trying to get the reader to click on a link or take the next step. It's about flow and a nurturing your end user so that they don't feel like just another email owner subject to the typical mass email efforts of a bland and boring company. Here's why we, here at TFM are different.

Our digital media experts are pretty wise. They know their stuff better than they know the back of their hand. You likely already know that email marketing has changed over the past few years, but did you know that approximately 280 billion emails are sent daily today and that figure is expected to increase to over 333 billion by the end of 2021?

What We Can Do For You


Personalization of your message to your audience. It's amazing that over 70% of businesses overlook the use of personalization in their email marketing communication efforts with their database. Don't worry though, we've got you covered and we're all about being personable with our clients and that sort of attention finds its way into your email marketing efforts. 

Let's not forget how important segmentation is when trying to maximize email marketing as a strategy in your company's bag of com tools. Behavioral segmentation means that when a reader of your email takes action like clicking on a link you've provided in an email, they are then dropped into a particular funnel so that the necessary sequence of emails or subsequent correspondences are taken to increase the possibility of a sale, or referral. 

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